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Westville Brewery

Normal Hours
Monday - Closed
Tuesday 5pm - 8pm
Wednesday 5pm-9pm
Thursday 5pm-10pm
Friday 3pm-10pm
Saturday 1pm-10pm
Sunday 1pm-6pm

Stop in to our tasting room for the best craft beer in the area!

Try one of our top rated Milkshakes, IPAS, or Fruited sours!

We are always crafting something creative!

*** On Tap ***

1. Time Peace

IPA - American - 5.9% ABV

Juicy flavors of orange, mango, passion fruit & grapefruit. Brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo hops combine for that “quench your thirst” IPA

2. Raspberry Crumb Cake

Pale Ale - American - 6.4% ABV

Made with milk sugar to give it a creamy milkshake - like mouthfeel and appearance. Includes the kinds of sweet treats you would find in a milkshake

3. Boozy Wheat 

Kottbusser - German - 6% ABV

This German wheat beer hasn't been regularly brewed in over 500 years.  Predating the Reinheitsgebot (pronounced: rine·hites·kuh·bowt - A German Purity Law that limits beer ingredients to: Barley Malt, Hops, and Water), this beer also contains honey, molasses and a clean fermenting yeast creating a complexly balanced wheat beer without the typical banana, clove aroma and flavors typical to German wheat beers.


4.  Pineapple Hopanero

IPA - American - 6.7% ABV

Moving away from the traditional IPA, this unique flavored IPA is a balanced taste of pineapple and habanero peppers that gives a light bitterness.

5.We Need More Mango Wheat  

Wheat Ale - American - 4.8%  ABV

A refreshing wheat ale conditioned on the perfect balance of mango puree.

6. Citra A$$ Down

IPA - American - 6.7% ABV

The inaugural beer of our brewmaster Rob. Nice, clean and balanced IPA.  Not too bitter with a balanced taste of citra hops. 


7. Besotted Glacier

Lager - American - 5.2% ABV 

A traditional American lager brewed with locally malted barley (Laurel, Delaware) and corn.

8. Seltzer

Seltzer - American -5.2% ABV

Clean and refreshing seltzer.

Add flavor to fit your mood! Flavors on back. 


Roggenbier - German - 7% ABV

An earthy German beer style originating in Bavaria, made with rye malt. It has a sweet and bready backbone with bold notes of caramel, toffee, and dried fruit, with a hint of roastiness and chocolate. Celeia hops impart a spicy, floral aroma, while the yeast provides a clove-like character. This brew has a long history dating back to the Middle Ages and still holds a special place in the hearts of beer enthusiasts. Named after the intense scrubbing needed to clean our kettles after brewing.

10. Edelweiss Sour

Lichtenhainer - German - 4.4% ABV

It's a Lichtenhainer (Pronounced leash-ten-high-ner). Not as sour as a Berliner Weisse, nor does it contain coriander and salt (like a Gose),  it contains smoked malt creating a truly unique beer experience.  The next addition to our Historic Beer offerings is brewed with a healthy dose of Cherrywood smoked barley, Pilsner malt and white wheat in near equal proportions.  Perle and Enigma hops balance out the sour, smokey flavor and aroma with notes of pear, sweet fruit and white wine.  

11. Sofa King Mixed Berries Sour

Sour - American - 5.8% ABV

The acidity of sour beer naturally developed with acidified malt in the mash. The sour berry taste is derived from pure cultured forms. This sour is worth getting off the couch!

12. Befuddled River Trent

ESB - English - 6% ABV 

High hop bitterness is nicely balanced with bready malt and low carbonation to make this beer highly drinkable.  Made with English malt, hops, yeast, and water similar to that in Burton-on-Trent England, this ESB is as classic as it gets.

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