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About Us

Our equipment that it all started from. This 10 gallon setup has served us well for many years. 
This new equipment will be able to ferment up to 12 BBL's of beer at one time. Our brite tanks  will be able to hold up to 6 BBL's of beer while it is clearing and carbonating.
The new 2 BBL Colorado Brewing System.

In 1996, a co-worker named Ali Jenan asked Mike Gordy if he liked beer, and if he would be interested in making his own. Mike purchased an extract beer making kit with bottle capper, fermenting bucket and some other necessary parts for $60.00 from Ali to make his first brew. It came with the infamous Charlie Papazian book, ‘The Complete Joy of Homebrewing’. The tag line – “Relax, don’t worry, have a Homebrew!”- was the mantra. The first beer was brewed, fermented in his bedroom closet, bottled in a bathroom, and conditioned in a closet again for four weeks. When the beer was complete, it tasted terrible, but the hook was set, and Mike wanted to learn more about brewing beer.

​      He bought ‘Clone Brew’ books to start creating styles of beer that interested him. He cloned Magic Hat No.9, Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager, and Skull Splitter which is an 850 A.D. Viking recipe that turned out to be 8.5% ABV, to name a few. He graduated to making mini mashes, which is a combination of extract brewing and steeping crushed grains. Then came the jump to making an ‘All-Grain’ batch. He read books and searched the internet on how to build an all grain system. He used his 27 years of experience in Local 420 Steamfitters to weld a homemade frame that would hold his brew pot and mash tun. Mike piped the system, added a pump, and kept building from there. The small 10-gallon system was created.

​       Mike’s wife Pam, joined in the brewing and cleaning process. After all, it’s a fun day to brew beer and sample beer at the same time. As Mike learned the system and thirsted (pun intended) for more knowledge, the next step seemed logical. As Brewery’s began opening in South Jersey, the planning of opening their own started to blossom, and Westville Brewery was born.

​        Westville Brewery is a Two Barrel brewing system born out of the same small batch ideas as the 10-gallon system. The Brewery, which sits in the old Westville Fire House in the Westville Square building on Broadway, was the perfect location to begin this journey. The history and nostalgia of the town of Westville is one that should be heard by all.

       We are dedicated to brewing great tasting, quality craft beer for all to enjoy. We would like to think of our Customers as family and friends. Stop in for a pint and some good conversation, and don’t forget to tell your friends to “Meet me at the Clock”.

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