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About Us

This equipment will be able to ferment up to 12 BBL's of beer at one time. Our brite tanks  will be able to hold up to 6 BBL's of beer while it is clearing and carbonating.
The new 2 BBL Colorado Brewing System.

As breweries began opening in South Jersey, a group of 4 friends began the planning of Westville Brewery. In 2018, their dream became a reality and Westville Brewery opened its doors. Using a two barrel brewing system, they were able to produce some of the tastiest craft beers in South Jersey.


In July 2022, without missing a beat, Louetta Rossi took over as owner of Westville Brewery. The Rossi family really made the brewery into a family business while keeping the established traditions that makes Westville Brewery unique.

Westville Brewery is a small brewery that sits at the site of the old Westville Fire House in the Westville Square building on Broadway. The history and nostalgia of the town of Westville is one of great pride and should be heard by all.

We are dedicated to brewing great tasting, quality craft beer for all to enjoy. We would like to think of our customers as family and friends. Stop in for a pint and some good conversation.


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